Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Craziness that is Fight Flight..

What is fight flight mode? Well, my life, for the past 18 months until now. Fight flight is when you are in a constant state of panic.  With that, comes poor decision making and serious stress. I was in fight mode during the bakery days and now I feel like I have swiftly moved into flight mode. I want to escape all the icky feelings associated with my business not making it. I want to run off to a secret island, fall apart and return full of spunk and confidence. I want to be the old me again. The one who was confident, present and happy. I try not to make this blog too down but today is one of those days that I am reminded of my bakery and all the craziness of it. Now it is all gone and I am not healed yet. I cannot seem to stay focused these days, hence the several weeks since last post, so I need to find a solution. I don't function well in fight mode, I don't function well in flight mode either. In order to stop this process, im going to do something I have never done before... I'm going to meditate in Sedona Arizona for 3 days, by myself. SCARY!! I think fight flight mode will continue to live within me unless I truly stop. Stop everything, breathe, and listen. Really quiet my very active, busy (grand central station) busy mind.
So, fight flight.. Be gone... I'm taking the boxing gloves off and and landing this plane!


  1. Good for you - I hope you are able to hear and feel while you meditate and most importantly...I hope you are able to find you - and be YOU once again...peace be with you.

  2. I love the "boxing gloves" and "airplane" analogy. Either way, taking a deep breath and calmly facing your fears and desires is sometimes the hardest thing anyone can ever do. As always, so proud of you. Love you lots.