Thursday, February 4, 2010

It's all about execution..

I just spent the better part of today meeting with two small business owners trying to determine if I could help them with their marketing. Marketing and advertising is my expertise so I am confident we can get more people through the door in each business however, and a big however,,, If I bring more people into a business that is run by someone that is already overwhelmed, have I done them any service? I thought about this the entire way home today stuck in traffic on the 10 freeway. The bigger problem to work on with these small businesses is execution of the stuff they have going on now. I can relate to these guys because when I had the bakery, i would start my day with great ideas/ambitions and before I would know it, it was 6pm. What the hell did I do with this entire day? Poor execution.. That was my issue. Not because I didn't work well I just was unable to block out times during my day to execute my plan. I really needed a daily plan, weekly plan etc. So for these businesses that need my marketing help, Im going to start with execution help first. Once we have the engine running more effectively, then we can get more people in the door. Marketing needs to be done only when we are ready for the volume. In my daily life, I find execution is still an issue if I don't put out a daily to do list and have a plan. Start every day with a plan, even if you are an unemployed writer like myself.. Plans keep us on track and help us to properly execute anything!


  1. You're already meeting with businesses, Alis?? Great!! Maybe you can work others' experiences into the book, compare them to yours or say how you were able to turn your "bad" experiences into their good ones!

  2. I think poor execution is something we all struggle with and can relate to, personally and in business. I think it's the Achilles' heel in so many businesses, new and old. Throw in a struggling economy and you've got a double whammy! Execution is the hardest part of the job, in my opinion. Just ask Ron, as this is his job, one of his favorite sayings is, "If you want to be popular, don't be a Planner!"